QUIZ: Are You an International Foodie?

by Sasha
rijsttafel rice table

Guess the origins of these 10 national dishes from all over the world.

  • Rijsttafel

    question 1
  • Watalappam

    question 2

    Source: The Flavor Bender

  • Mashuni

    question 3

    Source: Marine Stewardship Council

  • Langouste à la vanille

    question 4

    Source: Pinterest

  • Brúnaðar Kartöflur

    question 5

    Source: Saveur.com

  • Bauru

    question 6
  • Makhlama Lahm

    question 7

    Source: www.iamcooking.ru

  • Kaiserschmarrn

    question 8

    Source: Ginger&Bread

  • Cilbir

    question 9

    Source: Twitter

  • Chawanmushi

    question 10

    Source: Tasting Table

International Foodie Quiz pin 1

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