Profitable Bloggers Facebook Group Rules

by Sasha

Profitable Bloggers Facebook Group Rules

Hello! Thank you for your interest in joining our exclusive Facebook group.

The Profitable Bloggers – Blogging Support Community Facebook group is a forum for aspiring, new and intermediate bloggers using the self-hosted WordPress platform to ask questions (both technical and strategic), encourage each other, share tips and advice, and boost traffic to promotional links and social profiles (on daily share threads).

To ensure that this group is a helpful, positive, and productive environment for everyone, we have established these rules that all members need to follow. By joining this group, each member agrees to these terms and to adhere to the group rules below. Not following the established rules will result in removal from the group without warning (after one infraction).

Please note that these rules are subject to change at any time, but the latest version of the rules can always be found on this page.

Group Rules

Be positive and constructive.

This group is intended to be a place of support and to add value. This group is full of bloggers at different stages so please be kind and helpful. In this group we want you to feel a sense of community, friendship, and learning. We believe that the saying, “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all,” is true, but we also encourage you to make sure your comment adds value!

Do not promote any external facebook groups, email addresses, video (recorded or live), or affiliate links at any time.

The income earned from our courses and affiliate income earned from recommended tools and resources that are shared by the admin within the group is how we are able to offer group membership for free and support the needs of the group overall. Posting affiliate links take potential business away from the hosts of the group.

If you have a helpful post that includes deep affiliate links or a request for feedback on a link, you are allowed to share that link as a comment on a post ONLY. Admins will review all links in comments and can elect to remove those comments without warning.

Do not send affiliate links or invites to other Facebook groups via private message (PM) to other members.

Best practice is to not send unsolicited PMs to group members of any kind — that includes requesting in comments that members PM you for more information.

We strictly prohibit scraping of any kind.

For example, you are not permitted to target our page fans without our express permission.

Do not post a thread for the sole purpose of requesting that members submit guest posts, their email addresses, or be interviewed for your blog/website.

Facebook live is only to be used by admins and invited guests.

Please do not host a Facebook Live session inside the group. You will be removed. Facebook Live sessions are only to be used by group admins.

Do not post threads with questions that only require a Yes or No answer and do not encourage discussion.

ONLY share promotional links — blog/website links, social links, course links, etc — as a COMMENT in the dedicated promo threads posted by the admins/moderators.

If the original poster is seeking services that you are qualified to offer, you may let them know publicly as a comment on the thread, but please do not contact them secretly via private message.

You may share links to your NON-PROMOTIONAL content or website for feedback on the main group wall.

If this rule leads to excessive self-promotion and hides relevant posts for help or discussion, this rule will be changed to no longer allow any links on the main wall.

How We Enforce These Rules

  1. On the first infraction, your post/comment will be deleted.
  2. If you break the rules twice, you may be removed from our group. Removal is solely at the discretion of the group admin.

If you have questions about these rules or our enforcement of the rules, you may contact the admin at any time at

Other Notes

This group is specifically targeted at bloggers that use the WordPress self-hosted platform.

We do not recommend using any other content management systems, such as, Wix or Squarespace. We encourage users not to ask questions about these platforms, so as not to confuse aspiring/new bloggers that may not understand that these other platforms do not set you up for success.

Most posts in this group are held for moderation so that no questions go unanswered.

Search the group before you post.

It is highly likely that your question has already been asked and answered many times over again. By finding a previous post asking your question, you will have immediate responses to review in those comments without waiting for us to see your question.

We are not tax or legal professionals and cannot answer questions in these areas.

None of our advice should be considered legal or tax advice. Please consult a professional for these types of questions.

We cannot approve group membership requests if the required questions are not answered, including accepting the above terms and rules.

Weekly Promo Schedule

Self-promotion is only allowed within our dedicated sharing threads for the designated platform. Our posting schedule is listed below.

  • First day of each month: Monthly goals
  • Motivation Monday: Goals for the week, motivational quotes/images/memes
  • Tuesday Tips: Best tip/advice you’ve learned recently
  • Every other Tuesday: Social Post Shares – link to a pin, tweet, IG post, or other social media network post that you want to share and drive engagement for.
  • Wildcard Wednesday: Share your promo/social links (following the group rules)
  • WordPress Wednesday: A tip or tutorial for the WordPress platform.
  • Thursday Blog Posts: Share your latest blog post
  • Friday Intros: Welcome thread for new members allowing them to post their introductions
  • Every other Friday: Feedback Friday – get feedback on a design element, page, copy, etc.
  • Saturday Successes: Share your wins/accomplishments for the past week
  • Sunday Social: Share your profile link on the dedicated social network chosen for that week (rotates every week for a different network — Instagram, Facebook Biz, Pinterest, Twitter)

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