Get Your Blog Critiqued Live by an Expert in Our New Blog Battle!

by Sasha
Black & White photo of boxing gloves... Introducing Blog Battle Live Critique

Our facebook blogging group members asked and we listened! Starting this January, we are launching our monthly live blog critique broadcast – BLOG BATTLE. And we’ve already scheduled the pilot episode for January 16th!

What’s the BLOG BATTLE?

In our monthly, 30-minute webinar, we will review and audit 3 viewer-submitted blogs live on the air. The critiqued blog owners will get the poignant, professional feedback they need to make necessary improvements, which will explode their blog growth and compete with the big-time bloggers that have experts at their disposal and time-tested knowledge.

Blog Battle - Eat Travel Hustle's Monthly Live Website CritiqueWe will point out opportunities to optimize:

  • Copy & CTAs
  • Design
  • Branding
  • User Experience
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • and more…

Owners of the blogs that we review live, will walk away with actionable marketing advice they’d surely have to pay for in other circumstances. The best part is that not only the owners of the critiqued blogs will get information and learn how to growth hack their blogs – viewers will also benefit from watching and taking notes of what their colleagues are improving.

By watching a live broadcast/audit, viewers don’t just get tips and best practices, they will see first hand how these best practices are applied for a blog. Plus, a recording of the broadcast each month will be exclusively shared with our blogging Facebook group – Profitable Bloggers – WordPress Support Community

Why did we name it a “Battle”?

Blow owners that submit their blogs for critique are not the faint of heart – they want to grow more than anything! The viewer-submitted blogs we will review during the broadcasts will be tested against our “marketing punches”. We won’t hold anything back to make sure that those bloggers get the truth they would expect from any expert.

How can you participate?

While not all blog submissions can be reviewed on the broadcast, join us as a viewer to gain valuable marketing and design insight that you can adapt for your blog strategy and experience immediately. We’ll be using hashtag #blogbattle every month to keep track of the conversation and questions across our social media profiles. When you sign up to save a seat, you’ll have the opportunity to submit your blog for the next broadcast’s live review.

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Valerie Cline January 2, 2019 - 8:53 pm

Hi -great idea! Sounds like a cool idea that will provide some nice value. Actionable and tailored marketing advice is such a nice thing to offer participants (and listeners) for free in your live broadcast. Nice 🙂


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