Want a New or Improved Self-Hosted WordPress Blog? Join our FREE Challenge! [PILOT]

by Sasha
Join our FREE 30 Day Hustler's WordPress Blogging Challenge Pilot

Well, summer is officially over, Folks! The kids are back in school and settled. No more vacations are probably planned for a while. So, if you have been procrastinating (or confused how) to start or optimize your blog on the self-hosted WordPress content management system, now is the time get it done.

And just like the kiddies are now back in the swing of learning, why not join them and learn all about the technical and strategic set up of a WordPress blog and how to launch one that will not only share your passion with the world but will encourage engagement, traffic, and conversions?

I am launching our first FREE 30 Day Hustler’s WordPress Blogging Challenge and we will officially start on October 1, 2018. In 30 straight days, participants will get exclusive access to a daily action plan of tasks (accompanied by a lot of information and resources) to complete to get them closer to launching or optimizing their blog. PLUS, participants will get a ton of encouragement and help in our closed Profitable Bloggers Facebook group. But that’s not all… participants will be eligible to receive their choice of prizes awarded for the most helpful participant and the participant who has referred the most people to the challenge!

Prize options will include:

  • VISA $50 Gift Card
  • 2 months of CoSchedule
  • Blog strategy audit by expert online strategist
  • 2 hours of expert WordPress customization

Sound like a fun challenge? It totally is! Join before the challenge closes on October 5th!

How do you join this Blogging Challenge as a participant?

If you want to join us by the October 5th entry deadline, there are a few steps you have to take in this order:

  1. Click the green “I Want In” button at the top of the page to Join the Tribe
  2. Visit the Challenge product page
  3. Login in the right sidebar, and when redirected back to the challenge page, submit the Challenge sign up form (you will NOT be able to sign up to the challenge until you have successfully logged in), click Add to Cart
  4. Complete the FREE order checkout process (no credit card information is needed)
  5. From the order confirmation page, click the my account link to view challenge content (I recommend that you bookmark this link for easy daily access).

You must be a member of the Profitable Bloggers – WordPress Blogging Support Community Facebook group to participate!!!

Are you in? Let’s get ready to launch!


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