Virtual Vision Board Pajama Party: Quarantine Edition

by Sasha
vision board with snacks

If you’re human, the last few weeks have been anything but roses and fun. If you’re me, you’ve struggled with this new “normal” and worried that some things/activities you took for granted (like TRAVEL!) may never be the same.

It took me a good a 2 weeks of being a total bitch to my guy and wallowing in grief and complaining for me to snap out it. I realized… in order for me to THRIVE and not just SURVIVE right now, I needed to set some intentions, focus on the future, and just manifest what I want. For me, I need to be focused on a goal to stay positive and productive.

Soooo, the last couple of weeks have been much better (for the most part). I have been working on some pretty lofty goals and a secret project that I am STOKED about. But after speaking to several friends that were down in the dumps like I was when this all started, I knew I had to make an impact… RIGHT NOW.

Enter the Virtual Vision Board Party…

Most of us already know what a vision board is…

A collage of images and words that are used as a visualization tool to manifest your vision — what you want to create, feel, do, be, or think.

Usually, creating a vision board is an activity reserved for the very start or end of the year — when you are laser-focused on reflection and goal-setting.

But right now… with the world seeming like doomsday sometimes, this is a crucial time to manifest and visualize positivity and your future.

The deets…

I am hosting a virtual vision board pajama party. This event will be delivered live, online, for FREE — limited to the first 100 participants. You don’t need to get cute or dressed up, show up in your pajamas, messy buns, or whatever you want.

This virtual live event will be fun and lit! I will post a signature cocktail recipe here on the blog and share it with those that sign up to participate. I will play a slammin’ playlist to keep the mood upbeat and I will walk you through how to create a vision board step-by-step… THEN WE WILL CREATE OUR VISION BOARDS LIVE!

So sign up right now, before spots run out! Join us Friday, May 1, 2020 at 7PM EST and manifest your future with like-minded people stuck at home that know how to DREAM AND MANIFEST!

This event has ended


What materials do I need?

  • scissors
  • magazines (if you don’t have any, that’s okay – a color printer will suffice)
  • 1 poster board (at least 22×28 to ensure enough space – here is one on Amazon)
  • pens or markers
  • gluestick or clear liquid glue
  • optional: Pinterest account with existing pins (I recommend creating some boards with images you want to add to your board ahead of time and printing it out)
  • optional: download free fonts on (you can use your newly installed fonts to type quotes or words you want to use)
  • optional: arts/crafts items like glitter, etc

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