The Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide for Travelers [Plus FREE Christmas Gift Ideas eBook]

by Sasha
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It’s just a few days before Black Friday, and I know those deal watchers are starting (or maybe even wrapping up) their Christmas gift lists for their loved ones. One of the worst feelings this time of year is to give a gift to a friend, significant other, or family member and not see their face light up because you didn’t buy a gift they loved and would get some great use out of. If you have any travelers to shop for, these 10 unisex gifts will make them jump up with excitement.

And how do you know which one of your loved ones is a travel junkie? Here are a few dead giveaways:

  • They are always talking about their next trip
  • They have a ton of friends from around the world (notice their facebook friends)
  • Everyone calls them for travel advice
  • They have a travel-inspired tattoo (compass, wanderlust, world map, etc)
  • They travel more than 4 times a year for pleasure
  • When you travel with them, they are super social with the locals and have the best itineraries planned or may even know a few words in the local language
  • They have an unpacked suitcase lying around their house somewhere
  • They often travel solo, or have no problem doing so

A Quick Note About Buying Gifts for Travelers

If your gift recipient has already traveled a lot, you may want to do a little investigating to see what type of items they already have. I would ask, “what are your favorite travel accessories and gear that you always take on trips?” That way, you can avoid buying something that they already have.

Top 10 Holiday & Christmas Gift Ideas for Travelers

Here are the 10 top gifts for travellers!

$250+ budget

$25-$250 budget

Under $25 budget

Christmas gift ideas for travelers

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